Boat yacht in Imperia: the professionals you can trust 

September 16, 2022 0 Comments

The mistakes to avoid when sailing

Exploring the Ligurian sea on board a boat yacht in Imperia or a sailing boat is a unique experience. It is important, however, to take care of all the boat’s components to avoid more or less serious damage. On a sailing yacht, the sail itself is subjected to great mechanical stresses, which it nevertheless manages to withstand without problems thanks to its anatomy. The first tip is to prevent the sail or leech from turning. This term refers to the flapping of sails which, being in a direction parallel to the wind, are unable to inflate and produce buoyancy. When the leech, i.e. the freeboard of the sail, turns, it is necessary to furl the miole, closing the sail. It is equally important to furl the sail correctly, avoiding creases that could compromise the sail’s hold over time. Finally, in the open sea, the sail can come into contact with various parts of the boat. In particular, collision with the spreaders (the supports mounted on the masts), the pulpit and the radars could damage it. In this case, the use of reinforcements to protect it from accidental rubbing is always recommended.

Boat yachts in Imperia: who to turn to 

To treat yourself to a unique experience on board a Boat yacht in Imperia you can rely on the expertise and professionalism of Imperia Port Services, which for years has been a real point of reference in the field of boats. The company offers its customers a range of services such as hub agency, lay-up services, stevedoring, customs clearance, short distance chartering, warehousing and distribution.In addition, a highly qualified team is at your disposal to provide a personalised service to meet all your needs and requirements. Imperia Port Services also provides a wide range of storage and distribution services.